Monday, January 21, 2013

The week before school begins = crazy times

So its that time of year again, when parents start to both rejoice and dread all at once. Those mixed emotions of happiness that kids will be out from under foot and back at school using up their endless energy elsewhere lol and the dread of early morning starts, school lunches and homework.

This year my 4th child starts Prep *sigh* where does the time go :( . Hudson is eagerly counting down the days until he can go to school, he is more than ready. Me on the other hand still can't believe I will have 4 children at school.

Macallum will start kindy this year. He has never been in care away from us and I worry every day about how he will cope. I know he will adapt but still it tugs at my heart. It will be a big testing ground for us with him - he has a speech delay and is quite hard to understand even for me but I spend my time living in ignorant bliss about the level of problem, just happy he is talking at all. He was well past 2 before he spoke more than a few words.

Macallum (Moo)

Will talk about some of the other squidlets next post - promise <3

Last but not least need to mention another sewing achievement -  faced my fear of bias binding head on and WON. I won't say the fear is conquered but I am on the way.
This set is for an upcoming February Showcase with the theme "A walk in the Park"

Anyway I'll leave it there for tonight, and start putting terrorists to bed


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