Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 reasons to be glad its winter

lets start by saying I am NOT a fan of the cold, thats part of the reason I moved to QLD after all.
1. Thank God for jeans - I just realised my baby is 14 weeks old and I haven't shaved my legs since the day before he was born.
2. The kids sleep later, well not so great on school days but heaven on the weekends
3. Beanies - need I say more

I am struggling with this cold weather, its even making me daydream about a move further north lol

oh and I just thought of another happy winter thought - I have been trying to adjust my body clock. I had gotten into the habit of going to bed around 8.30 - 9 with the baby, but realised with my looming return to work that after this time nights will be my main sewing time, so I have taken to having a long hot shower after all the squidlets are sound asleep, aaaahhhhh its heaven - previously my showers consisted of various kids coming in to ask random questions or just talk in general, while I appreciate the chit chat with them - it just doesn't compare to a few minutes of hot water shower bliss :)

Next week I return to full time work :( and to say I am extremely upset would be an understatement - I had every intention of only going back part time, well the things that needed to be done to enable that to happen haven't happened YET. With a big emphasis on the yet!!!!! And the difference now is that I have decided I no longer want to work out of the home at all, so my revised plan is to quit my job by the end of the year :).

I worked on a couple of different things last week and it was fun - I swore I was not going to get into the ruffle thing, but I did and I loved it. Although I will still say there will be no ruffled bloomers from me :).

I have a couple of new things I am trying hard to get perfected and listed and I can say that both of these products I adore and I hope they will be a big hit.Along with those I am trying to get a few boy things made since last week was all about the boys. I am very worried about how I am going to find the time for everything come next week - but as they say where there is a will there is a way!!!

oh and before I sign off, next goal as far as fans go is 500 - how long do you think? - we seem to have stalled where we are for now.

Stay tuned people


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