Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Constellation Kids

In case you haven't heard I/we have taken the big brave step of getting our own website - very professional - yes I know. Constellation Kids is designed to be your one stop handmade shop for clothing, cloth nappies and accessories - and just between you and me I am sure if you don't find it one of us can make it :).

We have a slightly different concept than the other mall and multi seller type stores. In the past the other places have either been a mall with each seller doing their own thing or multiple stores doing themed stockings. Our concept is a little different in that each store can and will stock whenever they can but we will also have market nights or stockings all together as well.

Just quietly I am very proud of what we have put together - each of us has our own strengths and specialises in different products - the 4 of us are a perfect combination :)

Anyway without further ado - I will introduce you to the other constellation kids members in case you are not familiar with them :)

Alysha from Inkidink has a great selection of both boys and girls clothes
Rhoda from Draigerai does awesome work with knit fabrics - I can't wait to get my hands on some of her hoodies for my boys
Susan from Nifty Naps makes gorgeous cloth nappies and her ultimate blankets - well you need to see them to believe them

And just to top it off we are sponsers of The cloth nappy hunt so exciting times ahead ++++. If you are not a clothie or even if you are - if you are not familiar with the nappy hunt  I suggest you click on the link and check it out - it runs for the month of September and is a lot of fun, you don't need to be a cloth nappy user to take part. You can discover a lot of great stores and also informative sites that you may not of been aware of, and even test your brain as some of those pesky icons can be hard to find. And the best part - most sponsers offer some kind of discount so its a great time to start Christmas shopping.

And last but not least shameless plug - stop by the Facebook page to stay up to date with everything



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