Friday, July 8, 2011

more thinking.......

My goodness I have been very pensive this week.....

I still haven't decided on the future of my multiple blog dilemma, I know people who who are very open and honest with their blogs and others who are more private and professional and it works perfectly for them.....but what is right for me?......still deciding although my gut is telling me to think less and just go with the flow.....

My other ponderings this week has been due to a blog post I read here - it has really struck a chord. So I keep going around in circles, what sets me apart? will I ever find that freedom? Am I/will I ever really be good enough?

It was with this in mind that I made a bold choice this week ( well bold for me) and turned down a customers request. I will for now at least be concentrating on what I do now and doing it well. I am already spreading myself thin so I want to do what I do well and not always looking for something new. There will be new things but in my own time, at my pace with no pressure. This week I was asked to make a couple of new things and I do appreciate the offer however I just said NO and referred them on to someone I thought would do it justice. I have always said I would NEVER make a ruffled nappy cover - they are cute and all but not my thing really - there are so many people making them and doing an amazing job I might add that I felt that it wasn't something for me - I felt no passion for it, the other was a breast feeding cover - now no disrespect to those that use them I totally understand, but again I have no passion for them, in fact I tend to lean towards a distinct dislike for them - in my ideal world everyone would breastfeed in public with no need to cover up or hide what they are doing, there would be no judgement or little snide comments ( and the public breastfeeders amongst us know what I mean ), we can dream about the perfect world right?

Anyway my point is that I do love my jeans set - hey I love denim - ask anyone its a rare day when you will see me in something other than jeans lol. I love seeing my boys in them and I love thinking of new combinations of embroideries, cottons etc. The same for softie sets etc.

Now before I sign off for tonight I need to have a BIG humungous BUT in here - Please do not hesitate to ask me for something, a custom, something different, chances are I will do it, but maybe just maybe I might say No - please don't be offended, I will always point you in the direction of someone better - trust me.

Now the final thing I want to say on the matter is there are 3 of you - well 2 who I know read this - 1 not sure but there are 3 very very very special people who I have worked with a lot since starting this little dream and you know what - I would do anything for you -  really -  cos without you 3 I would have given it away by now I am quite sure. I hope you know who you are - I will be forever grateful.

Okay now that I have all that off my chest I am putting on my thinking cap to work on something special for a charity auction, stay tuned for more info on that - I am hoping you will get behind it :)

Back soon

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  1. I ADORE how you are building your confidence and honesty. I think you are very fresh and custom orders will send you in to a spin. Im 3 years in to it and i STILL dont take custom orders! My heart pounds and i get the sweats if someone even asks for a custom bunting!

    Although i am insainly flattered that they would ask.. But right now, its just not possible.
    So wise choice my love!

    I am just crazy about your ability to make your softies and matching shirt! I love love love that and that it defiantly one of your many fantastic qualities.

    I am happy i had the resources to send people your way but i am honored to be friends with such a talented and fascinating mother.

    You know im crazy about you.