Sunday, July 3, 2011


As I sit here unpicking a major disaster I am thinking about my blog or blogs. I enjoy blogging - I need to write things down, to remember, to vent, for fun but lets face it I am only just keeping my head above water at the moment in a number of ways.
So I am sitting here pondering the direction of my blogs - should I continue with multiple blogs for mulitple purposes or should I just throw it all in together and come what may. I am by nature an intensely private person - I have a blog where I can pour my heart out, cry, rant, stress etc etc, but can I do that here or should a business blog be just that all business and nothing personal. Or is the person behind the business important too - warts and all - or is personal only okay if its a good personal and not the potentially nasty, sad, petty ins and outs of life.

My warts and all blog honestly hasn't had much use - I am pretty boring, my life is pretty boring so I don't really have a lot of juicy stuff to keep secret, my blog that all the relatives know about is getting less and less use - mainly for the above reason - I'm boring.

Don't get me wrong I may be boring but I do like to whine, whinge and sook and do you really want to know about my weird family, marriage/money problems and feral children.

Yes much to consider indeed.

I have finished some work this week - I have finished the beautiful Kristie custom order but of course took no photos - yes I'm a big dufus sometimes. Petrina yours is finished too - just need to package it up and invoice - mental note to self - take photos :) And of course the loveliest Grandma of them all - Rox yours will be complete this week when I get the top.
Next cabs off the ranks are the other custom order for Kristie and Rox. My 2 regular customers <3. And thats the end of the custom list right now so expect to see some new things listed soon. Half finished today was the pants part of a set - it is sadly a slight second ( the only fault being I started to sew the buttonholes for adjustable elastic on the wrong side but it doesn't affect anything and is not visible). I debated selling  as I'm not sure at this stage of my business that I should be selling too many seconds but meh - everyone makes mistakes right? Anyway the fairy set will be listed shortly

I am as we speak working on a little owl pinafore size 2 again. Look out for her shortly too.

After those are done - I'm not sure - I guess we will see where the wind takes us <3


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  1. "There is a kind of beauty in imperfection" said Conrad Hall, who I dont know apart from by my friend Mr Google ;) but I do know my life is full of imperfections. xxx